Capitol Building: In low-rise Brooklyn, a new building Buy Now

Capitol Building

Capitol Building: In low-rise Brooklyn a new building Buy Now

  • In low-rise Brooklyn, a new building aims to be a good neighbor

Capitol Building

Capitol Building
Capitol Building
  • Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill, with its brownstones and understated aesthetic, has a pattern that new construction must adhere to: it must be stately but not showy, and it must above all respect the neighborhood’s integrity.
  • In comparison to the towering skyscrapers in neighboring Downtown Brooklyn and portions of Prospect Heights, buildings in Boerum Hill are far more subdued.
  • Bergen is the name of one of the newest additions, currently undergoing construction.
  • Furthermore, the project doesn’t completely blend in with the neighborhood, even though it doesn’t stand out either.The seven-story Bergen takes up most of the block of Bergen Street between Third and Fourth Avenues, making it slightly taller than most of its neighbors.
  • The exterior, which is composed of precast concrete brick, looks rather subdued in renderings, with the exception of its softly pleated zigzag pattern.

Capitol Building

Capitol Building
Capitol Building
  1. The building blends in well with the block of brick townhouses, brownstones, and some more recent apartment buildings.
  2. On the other hand, the interiors of Bergen will be considerably larger.
  3. Apartments at Bergen start at $700,000 and go up to five bedrooms.
  4. (The cost of the larger apartments is still unknown.) The structure will have two connected rooftops, four stories in the middle, and 12,000 square feet of outdoor amenities, including a steam room, podcast studio, and cold plunge pool.
  5. Bergen will also feature a garden area that serves as the building’s storm water management system, complete with terraces for residents and a public outdoor space for the community.
  6. Frida Escobedo, an architect based in Mexico City, is designing the project.
  7. The studio’s first condominium project is called Bergen, but fans of architecture will know Ms.
  8. Escobedo as the architect behind the $500 million new wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  9. Workstead handled the interior design for the project, while DXA Studio handled the master planning.
  10. The developer, Avdoo & Partners, is not new to the area; the nearby 58 St.
  11. Marks Place, which is distinctive from Bergen, was also opened by the real estate company.
  12. The founder of the company, Shlomi Avdoo, stated that “the context of a neighborhood and the type of building that we want to build in the neighborhood are very important.”

Capitol Building

Capitol Building
Capitol Building

“For us, respectful design and the neighborhood’s history are important.”

Although Bergen is not expected to be finished until late 2024 or early 2025, interested parties can view the project at a sales gallery a few blocks away.

It is, in my opinion, essential for residents of housing projects to feel that they are a part of the community while also having a distinct identity and area of their own.


One of the main concepts was to maintain both the neighborhood’s and humanity’s scale while creating a residential compound that is comparatively large in relation to the nearby buildings.

You have very clear language expressed in your raw materials, which we hope will age well and create a language that will stand the test of time.


That’s the goal at all times. We want to be very conscious of the fact that having buildings that age well is also a sustainability issue, and that’s better for everyone.

The world is evolving. There is a change in temperature. We then reasoned, “Let’s celebrate how the building is adapting to a changing environment and actually show how that works.


” You see rivers, waterfalls, and tiny water channels in your mind.

Capitol Building

Capitol Building
Capitol Building

In contrast to everything being hidden, you get the impression that this is an oasis for you and that you’re passing through and experiencing a number of pleasant or charming experiences because of the soothing sound of the running water and the sight of the waterfall.

We were thrilled that Frida was working with us, and we wanted our contribution to be a fitting match for her work.


We wanted the project to have a peaceful, tranquil effect and encourage this haven from the hectic city because there is such an amazing collection of amenities.


You have the chance to experience a small amount of real transport.

We spoke extensively about living in brownstones, their dimensions, and how they meet the street. Of course, this isn’t a brownstone, but nonetheless, everyone tried their best to integrate this sizable development into the world.

We were attempting to bring together a number of Brooklyn-related ideas and make connections, in my opinion.
Each project has its own unique characteristics.


It’s similar to having children in that every one of them is unique in their own peculiar way, yet they are all the same because they share a parent.

We see the same kind of fundamentals for design—that is, the establishment of a community that ultimately unites individuals, forges new bonds, and is inextricably linked to the community.


dealing with straightforward materials that are enduring and long-lasting while also being uniquely unique in some way.

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